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StickEarn offers innovative advertising solutions, combining powerful out-of-home ads with digital platform

product Car Advertising

Car Advertising

An innovative on-vehicle advertising platform that connects brands and drivers.

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product Motorbike Advertising

Motorbike Advertising

Sizable ad platform that will grasp your customers' attention.

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product Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising

Provides you the opportunity to exhibit sizable and eye-catching creative content.

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product Train Advertising

Train Advertising

Reach millions of people with an advertising placed inside of a train or in a railway station.

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product Plane Advertising

Plane Advertising

Unique airlines ads solution that grabs massive attention from a diverse range of passengers.

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product Angkot Advertising

Angkot Advertising

Expand your brand reach amongst lower market segments and suburban areas.

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product Mobile LED

Mobile LED

A unique way to light up your brand with a moving billboard.

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product DigiTron


Reach maximum exposure with an eye-catching digital billboard.

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product Digital Platform Advertising

Digital Platform Advertising

Leading advertising platform that connects advertisers across a global landscape.

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product Vending Machine Advertising

Vending Machine Advertising

An innovative advertising platform to an unique branding, drive product discovery, and sales conversion.

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People Reached

People going out are exposed to transportation advertising 9 times per week.


People Engaged

People who have seen digital out-of-home advertising took action by visiting advertiser’s website or doing online search.

Over 50%


Digital media has a high rate of market penetration and has a strong engagement with audience in average 2 hours per day.

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