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Some ads are a waste of money as nobody pays attention. Our car stickers and in-car placements ensure that your brand gets up close and personal with customers.

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StickEarn is a revolutionary out-of-home advertising platform that connects drivers and brands to create memorable and powerful
on-vehicle advertising, in a targeted and measurable way.

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StickEarn helps you stay in control of your campaign by giving you visibility into your most important data and metrics through our dashboard, wherever you are. We obsessively seek out measurable and flexible integrations through our online dashboard.

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“Setelah bekerja sama dengan StickEarn untuk pertama kalinya, saya terkesan dengan efektivitas beriklan lewat car-branding. Beriklan luar ruang lewat mobil ini sukses menarik perhatian target konsumen kami.”

Meirza Hartoto,
Media & Digital Manager

“We are happy working with StickEarn. The sales team shows great service quality, they are very prompt and respinsive. It’s also satisfying to see the effectiveness of car branding that is combined with tremendous technology.”

Rei Neal V Lucila,
Offline Marketing Manager

“Terima kasih kepada StickEarn karena telah mendukung program kami dengan pemasangan iklan lewat car-branding advertising. Kami bisa menyapa para nasabah lewat mobil-mobil yang berkeliling ke banyak tempat ini.”

Anggoro Eko Cahyo,
Direktur Bisnis Konsumer

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