Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising provides you the opportunity to exhibit sizable and eye-catching creative content that will grasp the attention of your customers.

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Why Bus Advertising?

icon Impossible to Ignore

Impossible to Ignore

Advertising on the bus canvas allows you plenty of room to display striking and attention-seeking advertisements while on the move.

icon Targeted Areas

Targeted Areas

Bus Advertising travel on particular routes and cover specific densely populated areas, you can easily target and attract thousands of your desired audience.

icon High Exposure

High Exposure

Our bus partners operate 18 hours a day, they generate very high brand exposure for your campaign and give maximum returns on your investment.

Available Routes

Bus Advertising Coverage

stickbus map
340 adsJakarta 340 adsBogor 340 adsDepok 340 adsTangerang
Jakarta Bandung Malang Surabaya

What will you get?

  • End campaign report to track the reached distance.
  • Various bus options, such as Transjakarta, Transjabodetabek, Agramas, Xtrans, Sinarjaya and other intercity bus.
  • Our buses operate daily with 3,000-10,000 KM reach per month.
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