In this Privacy Policy, we will explain how StickEarn collects, uses, and protects your personal information that we previously obtained through the website, our Mobile Application which can be accessed via a personal computer, mobile device, or when it is operated, or provided by This privacy policy applies to the use by clients (advertisers) and partners (drivers) of our interactive features.

* Please read this Privacy Policy thoroughly to ensure that you understand our data processing practices. By using our services or intentionally providing client and partner information to us, this means that the client or partner agrees to the terms of the privacy policy applied on this page. *

This Privacy Policy covers the following:

  1. Information Gathering

  2. Usage Info

  3. Database Security

  4. Correct inaccuracies in your information

  5. Cancellation of your account

  6. Changes in Policy

  7. Acceptance of Policy

  8. Privacy Policy in the Application

  9. How To Contact Us

Information Gathering

  • To run the StickEarn Application system, we must ask users to provide personal information that is collected automatically when you use the application.
  • In addition to websites and applications, personal information is also collected from sources such as directories, social media pages for StickEarn, when you follow or like pages, when you interact and communicate with StickEarn at any event or activity, when you enter a contest organized by StickEarn, and finally, personal data can also be collected via cookies on the website.
  • We also need personal user information such as photos (with or without your camera), name, email and / or message (SMS), phone numbers, account passwords, company addresses (for advertisers) and vehicle information for drivers (police numbers vehicle) Color, model and brand of vehicle, along with vehicle registration).
  • When you use the Application to find advertisements, you provide us with information about your location. When you use our Application, we will also process your technical data such as IP address, Device Identity (ID) or address MAC, and information about the make, model, and operating system of your mobile device. We use this data to enable us to deliver functionalities of our Application, resolve technical difficulties, and provide you with the correct and most up to date version to improve the functionality of the Application.
  • StickEarn may also use this real-time geographic location information to provide assistance and resolve technical or business difficulties that may arise when you use the Application.
  • We may also collect your Personal Information from third parties. In such cases, we will only collect your Personal Information for or in connection with the purposes for which the third party is involved or our collaboration with the third party (depending on the case).
  • We also need tracking information that is collected when you navigate our Service, but is not limited to geographic areas. For all drivers using our Services, the driver's cell phone will send your GPS coordinates, during the trip, to our servers. Most GPS-enabled mobile devices can determine the location of a person within 50 feet.

Usage Info

  • Information or data that we collect from application users such as name, email and/or message (SMS), telephone number, and password will be used to verify ownership. Format: Highlight Formatted: Highlight Formatted: Highlight Formatted: Highlight the newly created account. In addition, this personal information is also used to provide information related to the StickEarn application. In fact, apart from email and/or messages (SMS), we can also interact with you by telephone, send short messages, and other items including social media.
  • We use information such as the photos you take and also the GPS data from your mobile phone. We collect this information for a variety of purposes - including to determine the amount of money you earn while running the Services, provide you with support, send promotions and offers, to improve our Services, and for our internal business purposes.
  • We also provide your GPS data to our advertisers, so that they can see the GPS coordinates recorded by the driver's phone for all driving times, as well as certain information about you (such as your name and other Personal Information).
  • Your account information is used to transfer your commission after running a series of StickEarn ads that have been agreed with the advertiser.
  • We use your Personal Information on an anonymous basis on an aggregate basis and to better monitor which advertising offering features are most commonly used, to analyze usage patterns.
  • You hereby agree that your data will be used by our internal data processing to provide you with better services.

Database Security

We cannot guarantee the security of our database, nor can we guarantee that the data you provide to us will not be stored/interrupted while it is being sent to us. Any shipment you knowingly send us is done at your own risk. That is why you are strictly prohibited from disclosing your password to anyone. No matter how good the technology is, there is no impenetrable security system.

Correct inaccuracies in your information

You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information you submit to us, such as your contact information provided as part of registering for an account. StickEarn allows you to change or correct your personal information at any time. To do so, simply log into your account, go to your account profile, and you will find options to edit the information that you have submitted. If, at any time, you have any questions or concerns about StickEarn's privacy commitments, please feel free to email us at to contact one of our representatives.

Policy Change

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time as StickEarn develops in the future. We encourage you to periodically review this page to see if we have implemented policy changes.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By using the StickEarn Service and Application, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the content of this Privacy Policy page. You hereby also agree that your personal information and data will be used and displayed to third parties (clients/advertisers) for the services you use.

Privacy Policy in the Application

By using the StickEarn application, it is hoped that you are aware of our policies when you download and use the StickEarn application, as follows our confidentiality policy:

  • Our application needs to access camera features both taking photos and videos on your cellphone
  • Our application needs to access the storage area on your cellphone, to take the necessary photos when reporting advertisements
  • Our application needs to access your contact data, as a way to retrieve data to log in to your Google account
  • Our application needs to access the microphone and telephone features as a way of communicating with our customer service
  • Our application needs to access GPS data on your cellphone, both when the campaign is running or when the application is closed and the data is still taken
  • Our application is connected to our server, where all your data (Driver Information and GPS Driver Location) in the application will be stored on our server, and we provide access to clients anonymously as a form of reporting to meet the needs of running advertisements
  • StickEarn collaborates with third parties as a medium for traffic data collection, where all the data that has been obtained is based on driver activity while running a campaign

Ways To Contact Us

If you have further questions about the privacy and security of your information and would like to update or delete your data, please contact us at