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There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, and a good example of this is the LCD monitor.

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You need to be at least 18 years old and above.

A campaign can last from 15 (fifteen) days up to a year.

We want to bring Brands places, to drive high brand exposure effectively. So, you need to cover at least 3.000 kilometers every month.

StickEarn aims to bring remarkable impact on society by providing our drivers monthly insentive. We provide you the opportunity to earn up to 1 million per month!

We only do the installation at StickEarn HQ, Jl. Letjen Suprapto no 400, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat.

Frequently Ask Question

StickEarn is a revolutionary advertising technology startup that connects brands, drivers and consumers to create powerful and measurable advertising while creating a positive impact on society. In addition, our unique advertising platform offer advertisers the flexibility of managing and monitoring their advertising campaigns through campaign tracking tools and interactive detailed reports.

A minimum order of 50 cars outside of Jabodetabek and Surabaya.

We partner with top leading companies such as Grab, Agramas, Damri, Sriwijaya, Citilink and many more to advertise on their vehicles.

StickEarn guarantees the following distance for our car-drivers in these areas :
3000 KM : Jabodetabek.
2000 KM : Surabaya, Bali, Medan.
1500 KM : Bandung, Makassar, Semarang, Jogya, Malang, Padang, Batam, Palembang.
1000 KM : Cirebon, Solo, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Manado, Banjarmasin, Lombok.

The models of vehicle depends on your campaign objective. At StickEarn we transform modes of transportation into moving billboard; from bike to airplane. Make sure you choose the right ones to make your campaign memorable!

Let us know and we will try our best to provide a solution for you.