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StickEarn is a revolutionary advertising technology startup that connects brands, drivers, and consumers to create powerful and measurable vehicle advertising while creating a positive impact on society.

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With StickEarn, you not only expand your brand reach, but we also help you exercise control over your advertising campaign. Our user-friendly dashboard gives you access to the most relevant and significant advertising campaign data and metrics, anytime and anywhere in a few easy steps

  • Tracking

    With our tracking tools, you can easily keep track of your ads. You remain up-to-date about where your ads are displayed. It ensures an effective and transparent operation of your advertising campaign.
  • Progress

    Get real-time data from our dashboard so you can evaluate how well your advertising campaign is doing and predict how long it can take to achieve your objectives.
  • Measure

    Measure the impact of your advertising campaign and calculate your return of investments.
  • Reporting

    Our dashboard provides you with insightful and accurate monthly reports about your business’ advertising campaign so you need not spend your valuable time, money and other useful resources on report generation.
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